The Maritime Sustainability Passport Program is a two-phase assessment evaluation program. The Initial Phase begins with supplying your basic general information that, once completed, and reviewed by the NAMEPA team, you or your organization will be notified to progress onto the next and Final Phase.

If you are filling out this form on behalf of your company/organization/institution, please use the official company/organization or institution’s email address. Otherwise, it is acceptable to use your personal email.

Please complete the Initial Phase questions below. Once started, you will have 48 hours to complete and submit the form.

Please note questions with (*) are required.

If documentation is required to be uploaded, please be advised the following formats are accepted: doc, docx, pdf, png, jpg, xls, xlsx. You will have the opportunity to upload up to three documents per question.

If, for legal reasons, it is not feasible to upload the documents, you may copy the Table of Contents of the document along with “key” paragraphs that refer to the question asked.

Please note the stakeholder category that you choose in this phase is very important, as this will determine the Stakeholder Category and Group Number (1, 2 or 3) you or your organization belongs to and the correct questionnaire you will receive for the Final Phase.

Important note to companies:

If the company participating in this program is part of a conglomerate of companies in the US or internationally, the documentation presented in this program should be fully applicable to the participating company. Please note there are two supplemental questions at the very end of the Final Phase questionnaire which allows you to explain your answers in case of any necessary clarification or additional information.


Stakeholder Category

Group 1

· Freight and Passenger Vessels-ship Owners & Operators, Charterers and Vessel Operators

· Manufacturers (Physical and Intellectual)

· Offshore Services Contractors

· OSV’s, Tugs, Ferries, Pleasure Crafts, Fishing Boats, Yachts, work boats and other crafts.

· Ports, Terminals & Shipyards

Group 2

· NGO’s and Trade Associations

· Training, Education and Research Institutions

· P & I Associations

· Service Providers

· Classification Societies and Flag State Administration

Group 3

· Seafarers

· Students

· Individual

· Educators


NAMEPA’s criteria:

To safeguard the integrity of the MSP program, NAMEPA employs stringent criteria and partners with an independent third-party auditor – ESGplus—to conduct the assessments impartially and to ensure that the results accurately reflect a company’s sustainability practices. The MSP program mandates that companies provide verifiable evidence of their sustainability practices and performance, which undergoes verification.

Furthermore, NAMEPA periodically reviews and updates the MSP assessment criteria to ensure that they remain relevant and aligned with current sustainability best practices. This helps to prevent companies from engaging in superficial sustainability practices that do not have a meaningful impact on the environment or society.

NAMEPA remains dedicated to maintaining the transparency and credibility of the MSP program, which promotes genuine sustainability and responsible practices in the maritime industry.

Program Confidentiality:

NAMEPA recognizes that some of the information submitted during this process may be commercially or legally sensitive. In such cases, applicants may request the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement between the entities to ensure confidentiality is secured. Should this be of interest, please let NAMEPA know.

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Looking forward to your participation! The NAMEPA's ESG Team


*** Special thanks to ESGplus for the collaboration with this program.


North American Marine Environment Protection Association